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Burnside Home Inspections, LLC is an independent, locally owned company serving Chapel Hill, NC and surrounding areas.

BURNSIDE Home Inspections is committed to serving current and future residents of Chapel Hill, NC and surrounding areas. From the moment your inspection is scheduled, your family and agent become our distinguished VIPs. We get the job done right whether you can attend the inspection or not. Don’t let a bunch of unpleasant and costly surprises ruin the joy of home ownership. Learn all about the condition of the home you want to buy.

The home inspection business isn’t for amateurs or do-it-yourselfers. You need a qualified, experienced, unbiased and trusted home inspection professional who knows all about homes, maintenance and residential safety. Protect your family and your investment. Schedule your certified professional home inspection today. We don’t abandon you after the inspection and we are your personal home professional for life!

Welcome to Chapel Hill, NC

If you are new to Chapel Hill, welcome to the area! It truly lives up to its nickname: “The Southern Part of Heaven”.

We recommend you first explore downtown. Here you will find many locally owned shops and restaurants. Say goodbye to big chain shopping centers, and hello to the good life! You may even run into your favorite Tar Heels player as their campus is blended seamlessly with downtown.

As an experienced Home Inspector, I suggest checking out the infamous Gimghoul Castle. It may have been built in 1926, but it is as captivating as any medieval structure. The real excitement starts when you learn about its history and the Secret Order of Gimghoul!

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What is a Home Inspection?

Whether buying a new or existing home, you want to know that the home is safe, structurally and mechanically sound, and free of health risks. Our evaluation provides a solid foundation of knowledge about the home, its components and systems. In addition to reporting any deficiencies or potential failures, we will include maintenance tips and other information to help protect your investment.

A home inspection is a visual process where all of the items typically used within a home are tested and/or operated to verify proper operation and installation. Doors and windows are opened and closed, roofing materials inspected, air-conditioning and heating systems operated. We will fill the sinks and tub(s), run the shower(s), and flush the toilets. All the while making notes on the condition and operation of the components tested. Upon completion we will produce a digital report that includes high quality photographs and videos. Your report will be ready next day or sooner.

Buying a home is a big deal. So you need a competent and professional evaluation of its condition before you buy it. You can count on us for an experienced and thorough analysis of any home!

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We Come
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A home is a huge investment. When it’s time for you to purchase a home, you’ll want to make sure that you have all of the information you need to make the best decisions possible. Learn more of the services included in your home inspection, and the major systems that we analyze and assess throughout the process.

& Services

You don’t have to look far to find a top-quality inspector. Burnside Home Inspections offers home inspections and many common add-ons at great prices. Our pricing is completely transparent and based solely on the home’s square footage. We do not charge extra fees for basements, crawlspaces, older homes, credit card payments, taxes, etc.

Comprehensive Visual Inspection Reports

You’ll receive a complete report of your inspection next day or sooner. Forget complicated, paper-based, written reports. Burnside Home Inspection reports are fully interactive, include high-quality images, and are incredibly easy to understand.

You found your dream home.
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When it comes to something as important as your home, you want to make sure you hire a trusted home inspector.
We combine a formal education with hands-on experience to bring professional insight to every one of our home inspections.

Fantastic service. Extremely knowledgeable and professional, yet personable. Thanks for helping me with my dream home, Dustin! Would recommend!

— Zack K.

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